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15 years experience
Our cattery has been breeding cats for more than 15 years.

Graduates of our cattery live all over the world from Thailand to Canada, they are excellent representatives of the munchkin breed; they participate in shows and competitions and win the highest titles and awards.
about us
Sincerely, owner of the Cattery, Maria Davydova.
Each of our kittens -
Is a part of our soul.
This is - what motivates me to reproduce quality cats, not forgetting about good health and standards.
How it all started...
From the moment that I first heard about the breed of short legged cats – munchkins, i constantly tried to see them at shows and watch them live.
But the breed is very rare, and it was not attending shows. Then I decided to bring myself kittens of this breed. My first munchkin was Moisha. He was small and very funny and instantly won our hearts.
Since then, the number of Munchkins in our house has begun to steadily increase. It's impossible not to love these legs. But do not forget that despite their cuteness, they are
very prideful and freedom-loving cats with sharp minds.
They jump and climb absolutely everywhere and get everything that interests them.
We have been presenting our munchkins at cat shows all over Ukraine and the EU for more than 10 years!
The goal of Davidoff's UA is to breed munchkins that meet the WCF requirements as much as possible.
Compliance with the standard ensures a happy, healthy and fun life for our cats.
We can say with confidence that our munchkins are necessarily focused on their family.
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